Turn a Moment in to a Memory.

I was dabbling in another business that seemed to be a big trend and well, it required some more products that I had trouble finding unless I made them myself. So, I did. I invested lots of time and taught myself how to stamp metal. After many oopsies, mistakes and lots of money on supplies, I finally was able to make something decent with what I've learned and it turned out quite nice. I posted a picture on my personal facebook page and my friends went nuts! They wanted to know how to buy it. After that, I was determined to perfect this new skill I've learned and the next thing I know, I'm being invited to sell at my local Farmer's Market as an artisan, have a website, etsy shop and am rather popular in my local area.

Since 2012, I've grown. I am now an LLC and working on new ways to make things better and more efficient for my customers. For one, if you live in the Belford, NJ area (Middletown/Monmouth County), you can find my products at the Junction Boutique located on Leonardville Road not far from Route 35 and 36.

The 2nd quarter of 2016 is the beginning of the Amelia's Expressions facelift. We are delighted about these changes.....laser engraved jewelry!Higher quality materials and faster turnaround.

Create something special today!

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