Can I eat with the forks?

Yes, you can. We do not use any toxic inks or dyes. 

How do I wash the forks? 

They are dishwasher safe, however for best results we recommend you hand wash and dry. Do not soak. 

I'm allergic to many metals, will I have a reaction to stainless steel?

We are confident you will not experience any allergies or skin reactions with stainless steel. With that being said ... although we have never received reports of allergic reactions with our metal, everyone is different and anything is possible.

Will the channel set birthstones in some of the necklaces require polishing? 

Yes! The channel set birthstones are set in a sterling silver setting or rhodium. This means that it will require some light polishing from time to time. Tarnish is a not a bad thing. It's a reaction to the elements we cannot avoid. You can reduce tarnishing by keeping your piece in a sealed container when not using it. Nevertheless, it's very simple to remove with any soft cloth or sterling silver cleaner. 

How many rings can I stack on one finger?

The comfort level of everyone will vary, but we feel 3 is a good maximum for one finger. If you purchase 3 and feel you can add another, we say GO FOR IT! 

What is your turn around time for customs?

We get orders out within 1-2 days. Customs, too! Please note this can extend by a day or so during the busy holiday season. 

 Are all your metals stainless steel?

We do use primarily stainless steel, but some charms that are on bracelets and necklaces are an alloy metal buy never ever ever nickel. Linda, the owner, is highly allergic and cannot work with it. 

Your company says it's just one person who does it all but why do you say "we"?

The company is named after my daughter who was just 7 years old when it all began and is now a sophomore in high school. I always feel like she has input in the business one way or another so I like to refer to this "our" operation even if she really doesn't do much of the work. 

Does the shop have standard business hours? 

During the week, Linda is working away from 7:30 - 5PM and sometimes even later during holidays. Weekend hours will vary, but emails are checked.  

Can I give you my Fedex or UPS account number to ship my item? 

Short answer: NO. Long answer: No, you cannot. 

What method do you ship?

I use USPS 100% of the time. Recently added FedEx but it is used for larger orders we want to ensure arrive timely. 

Can I pick my order up if I live local?

Sorry, we do not have a storefront and cannot allow pick ups. 

My package arrived and there appears to be an error on the custom information that was not my fault. What do I do? 

Contact us with an order number and a photo of your item and we will assist you however necessary. 

My package arrived and I realize that I made an error... can I get a new one? 

Unfortunately, this situation does happen and it stinks. I cannot replace items due to errors that were not our fault. We engrave what we see and sometimes things do get messed up by us and we fix it, but if it's an error by the customer, we like keeping our prices as low as we can so you will have to reorder a new one. 

I broke my chain. Can I get a replacement? 

Sure, you can request to place an order for a replacement chain. 

Do you have a phone number so I can call to discuss my order? 

Nope. Phone calls are something I do not do. If I start taking calls, your orders will never go out on time. Remember, I work alone 99.9% of the time so I cannot juggle phone calls on top of everything else. Please stick to email. I am very quick to respond. 

Where do you ship from? 

We are located in central NJ. Yes, central NJ does exist. 

Do you send any work to third parties? 

No way. All engraving is done here in my studio in NJ. 

I need a custom logo done and I have a file. Can I send that to you?

There is a process for that to be done and it's easy but you'll need to email ameliasexpressions@gmail.com for step by step details.