Where it all started ....

I always desired to have something of my own and thought a career in direct sales would be the best and easiest option for me. I gave it shot in many different industries and always seemed to come up empty after a few months. Nothing seemed to stick. The competition was overwhelming and the corporate motivation was a little ... well.. much.

After doing, yet another event at a chursh or someplace of that sort, I saw a cute produt that included these cute little metal engraved discs to be enclosed in the locket pendant. I thought "hmmm...if that was customized..." And the wheels started spinning and my handstamping business was born.

What's that? Handstamping? You don't see anything here that's handstamped? Well, you are correct. After years of hammering away to create beautiful designs and my 2015 holiday season with nearly 2000 orders in total, I said "It's time to work smarter, not harder."  I was unable to take new orders after December 10th as I would never be able to catch up and get them out on time. I could not do that to my customers so I made the judgement call to shut things down and get the orders I did have out the door. 

January 2016 I was on the hunt for something new. I researched and researched and finally I found what I was looking for and we proudly launced the new laser printer in mid April 2016. 

Here's a little video to see how it works and what we do: